Playing video games may help reduce dementia risk

Article: Playing Video Games for 30 Minutes a Day Effective Against Dementia in Older Adults, Study Finds

Dr. Rob’s comment

We are constantly learning what treatments are and are not effective in Alzheimer’s Disease. Up to now, video games have generally had very mediocre results, and this is an interesting finding. It will need to be replicated in larger studies. One thing we can say for sure is there is almost no likelihood of harm from playing complex, fast-paced 3D video games, and if there is a cognitive benefit, that’s a nice bonus. So far, the best dementia strategies are preventive: exercise regularly, maintain your social networks, eliminate smoking, and make sure your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose status are within normal limits. If you or your physician are concerned about cognitive impairment, an FDG PET scan can help pinpoint the cause.