Lu-177 PSMA Treatment

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Lu-177 PSMA Treatment for Metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer is available for both Canadian and international patients.

What is Lu-177 PSMA Treatment?

Lu-177 PSMA treatment, also known as Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy, is a type of targeted radiation therapy that uses a radioactive substance called Lutetium-177 (Lu-177) and a prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) to target and kill cancer cells in the body.

PSMA is a protein that is found on the surface of prostate cancer cells. Lu-177 is a radioactive substance that emits radiation that can penetrate the cancer cell and damage its DNA, leading to cell death. When Lu-177 is attached to PSMA, it can deliver the radiation directly to the cancer cells, while sparing the healthy cells.

What to Expect During Treatment?

The Lu-177 treatment for mCRPC involves injecting the patient with a small amount of radioactive Lu-177 PSMA compound, which is then absorbed by the cancer cells. The radiation emitted by the Lu-177 destroys the cancer cells, while leaving the healthy cells largely unharmed.

The number of doses required varies based on individual response. The average treatment length is 4-5 sessions with a maximum of 6.

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The Evidence
Studies have shown that Lu-177 treatment can effectively treat mCRPC that has progressed after standard hormone therapy. In a phase 3 clinical trial, Lu-177 treatment was found to significantly improve overall survival and progression-free survival in patients with mCRPC, compared to standard therapy.

Side Effects
Like any medical treatment, Lu-177 therapy may cause side effects. Commonly reported side effects include:

Most symptoms go away in a few days.
Common and rare but important side effects will be discussed at your consultation with the nuclear medicine physician

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