Brand New Scanner
Grand Re-Opening

Monday, May 31st

INITIO is currently closed while we upgrade to the next generation of the world’s most trusted PET/CT scanner – the GE Discovery IQ Gen 2

Note: All referrals will utilize the new scanner

Dr. Tarzwell discusses the new Discovery scanner

This is the first time the company has paused operation in its 10 year history at this site, and we relied on our previous scanner that entire time. Over that decade, there have been significant advances in scanner technology which improve our ability to detect abnormalities with significantly reduced tracer doses. For patients and referring physicians, this means more accurate staging of disease and therefore higher confidence in the next treatment steps.
The Discovery scanner by GE is the most widely used PET/CT system around the world. This large user base caught my attention. The system features state of the art detector technology and image reconstruction software. The quality of medical images performed by the system represents the single most important advance, from my perspective as a physician who wants the highest possible diagnostic accuracy. The system is also capable of being updated as imaging software improves through time, keeping it current well into the future.
Our daily scan limitations are a thing of the past, which will greatly reduce your wait time. The amount of activity we will administer for diagnosis is reduced by half, and the CT beam itself automatically reduces its power when scanning sensitive tissue, such as the cornea or thyroid gland. The scan is also a faster and therefore more comfortable experience.

Doctors will now be able to access their patient images directly over a secure physician portal for treatment planning purposes. Physical media such as CD’s or USB sticks are now a thing of the past. Physicians can also have the assurance that their patients are being scanned on a brand new, state of the art system.

PET images show organ function. This image shows where glucose, a simple sugar, is being metabolized throughout the body, with darker areas indicating higher metabolic activity.


Currently, PET/CT scanning is a powerful but underused tool in Canada. INITIO has been making this important diagnostic option more widely available in BC for over 10 years with roots going back to the first clinical PET scanner at UBC in 2000, and the first license to produce FDG.

Initio has provided PET/CT Diagnostics in Metro Vancouver for over 10 years: