INITIO updates and comments on new studies

‘Next big wave’: Radiation drugs track and kill cancer cells

Dr. Rob’s comment: Targeted radiotherapy is the process of making a drug that can lock onto a cancer cell, and then adding a radioactive atom to that drug. After we inject the material, it locks onto cancer cells, and highly targeted radioactive emissions kill the cancer cells, while sparing healthy tissue. This treatment, which has been available in Europe, Australia and the US, is now coming to clinical trials in Canada, and INITIO is excited to participate in these trials, currently in planning stages for prostate cancer, and slated to begin later this summer.

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AI vs Alzheimer's Featured Image

AI vs Alzheimer’s

Article: AI gets $20M infusion to go on the offensive against Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s Disease is, at present, an unstoppable disease which attacks memory, language, and

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