Initio has provided PET/CT Diagnostics in Metro Vancouver for over 10 years:

  • PET/CT is a safe, non-invasive imaging modality that captures anatomical and metabolic data in a single scan providing detailed information about cancer and other diseases and can detect the early onset of disease before other imaging tests. PET/CT is useful for diagnosis, staging, treatment monitoring and restaging and leads to changes in patient management.
  • We offer immediate availability for private PET/CT for cancer, cognitive impairment, and cardiac sarcoidosis and CT, with or without contrast, for all indications.
  • Full infection prevention measures are in place for COVID-19.

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Currently, PET/CT scanning is a powerful but underused tool in Canada. INITIO has been making this important diagnostic option more widely available in BC for over 10 years with roots going back to the first clinical PET scanner at UBC in 2000, and the first license to produce FDG.

INITIO is currently expanding and will soon be offering new diagnostic protocols promising improved patient outcomes in neuroendocrine and prostate cancer.

Theranostic procedures using these new diagnostic protocols are leading to promising outcomes for patients now travelling abroad for these scans.

a short theranostics video


An exciting development in molecular medicine: Theranostics is a new beginning in treatment, health, and well-being.

INITIO is working with world leaders in Theranostic procedures and endeavors to provide Theranostics in Canada, changing treatment options and outcomes for cancer patients.
Using radiopharmaceuticals for the management and treatment of cancer, Theranostics is at the leading edge of care, from initial diagnosis and staging of disease (the number and distribution of active sites of disease) to treatment planning, monitoring of therapy, and determining the benefits of treatments.

A prostate Theranostics video