About Us

Private PET/CT serving Western Canada

INITIO is Western Canada’s only private PET/CT scan facility committed to patient care supporting the health and health care choices of every individual, both now and into the future.

INITIO has nearly 20 years of diagnostic scanning experience offering immediate PET/CT scan availability for cancer, cognitive impairment, cardiac sarcoidosis, and CT with or without contrast. INITIO is fully compliant with all DAP and CNSC accreditation requirements.

2000 · INITIO opens Canada’s 1st PET clinic with the 1st FDG license.
2010 · INITIO begins performing state of the art PET/CT oncology FDG scans.
2018 · INITIO provides FDG, Amyvid, Neuraceq, and Vizamyl Alzheimer scans.
2021 · INITIO begins 68Gallium imaging for neuro-endocrine cancer.

Referrals are accepted for FDG, DOTATATE, CT, and PSMA. All referrals are booked promptly with quick turn around on results as timing of PET/CT diagnostic screening matters to help prevent or catch disease before it’s too late. 

Your doctor needs to fill out the referral Requisition Form for an appointment.

Our Leadership

Dr. Philip Cohen


Dr Philip Cohen is Division Head, Nuclear Medicine, Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, and Section Head, Nuclear Medicine, Doctors of BC. He is a pioneer in Nuclear Medicine in Canada and in the usage of 3-D imaging techniques to improve diagnosis of bone disease and injury in collaboration with the Medical Imaging Research Group at University of British Columbia. 

Dr Cohen has been involved in clinical research trials of new radiopharmaceuticals. To that effect, Cohen was the first recipient of a research grant from the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, one of several peer-reviewed awards that would follow.

Dr Robert Tarzwell, MD, FRCPC

Chief Medical Officer & Medical Director

Dr. Robert Tarzwell is a dual-certified specialist in psychiatry and nuclear medicine. His main area of clinical and research interest is functional brain imaging in psychiatric disorders, particularly the use of brain perfusion SPECT and FDG PET in traumatic brain injury with unresolved psychiatric symptoms. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia, with a cross-appointment in the Department of Radiology.

He is co-author of the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine Guidelines on the use of brain perfusion SPECT, published in July 2021 and accepted into the CMA INFOBASE in February 2022.

Dr. Tarzwell holds an MD (Manitoba, 2001), and FRCPC certification in both Psychiatry (Dalhousie, 2006) and Nuclear Medicine (UBC, 2012).

Carla Roberts, MA, BA, ACCP

Chief Communications Officer

Carla received her masters in Performance Enhancement from Ottawa University and is certified in general counselling from the University of Manitoba. She has been leading the field of focus training for excellence in multiple disciplines for over 24 years. Her work within emotional attachment driving behaviour creating experience and results is proven by both her national and global recognition as a leader in patient care within the pharmaceutical industry. Her consulting work extends from professionals to carded athletes and from schools to businesses engaged in performance missions.

Carla knows first-hand the challenges involved in getting the best out of yourself, giving your best to others and living with a higher sense of joy and balance in life. Her work has made a meaningful difference in the lives of people caring for themselves, those around them, and those within our community. Carla is delighted to be in the role of Chief Communications Officer for both INTIO Medical and iScope Concussion & Brain Injury.

The Clinic Team

Dr Rajpaul Attariwala, M.D., PhD, FANM, FRCPC

Nuclear Medicine Radiologist & Biomedical Engineer

A board-certified radiologist and molecular medicine physician certified in both Canada and the US. Dr Attariwala received his formal training at UBC, along with specialized medical training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (New York), UCLA, and USC. He also holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). 

Dr. Attariwala brings expertise in INITIO’s diagnostic protocols and is committed to ensuring that molecular medicine is practiced to the highest standards of scientific and technical proficiency, efficacy, and safety.

Wilson Lo, RTNM, CTIC, BSc

Nuclear Medicine and CT Technologist

With a Bachelor of (Life and Mathematical) Sciences from UBC and Nuclear Medicine and Computed Tomography Technology Diploma from BCIT, Wilson has worked at INITIO since 2015; his duties include receiving and preparing patients for their procedure(s), calibrating and administering radiopharmaceuticals, as well as performing and processing PET/CT and CT scans. 

Wilson appreciates the opportunity for learning that his position affords, is excited to see the development of medical technology and values helping people by discovering information that is critical to their health. To every aspect of his work, Wilson brings to bear his belief that the best outcomes for people are achieved by offering the best care that is at the forefront of medical science.

INITIO Medical Group Logo - White on Blue

Jason Leong, RTNM, BSc

Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist

After completing his Bachelor of Life Sciences at SFU, Jason furthered his goal of providing critical patient care to the community by obtaining a Nuclear Medicine Diploma from BCIT. While a typical Technologist usually focuses on patient care inside the clinic, Jason has also stepped up to focus on his goal through external means as well. From assisting with PET/CT scanner set up to coordinating PACS database onboarding to coordination and carrying out of many clinical trials Jason focuses on professional levels in all areas of his work as both a technologist and in streamlining and enhancing practice workflow information. Jason has found many opportunities to involve himself and work among many healthcare professionals both inside and outside the immediate field to provide the best care possible to the community and its patients. His care and attention to detail through a patient-centred focus is appreciated by all.

The Clinic

Our clinic is welcoming and designed for patient comfort. We encourage accompaniment and support by family members and friends. Focused on individualized patient needs and care; we offer a private, comfortable room in which patients can receive their radiopharmaceutical injection and relax while preparing for their scan. 

INITIO is conveniently located near Highway 1 and easily accessible from Exit 29 Willingdon Ave. There is plenty of parking; validation is available.